Our children are our furture, the only physical inheritance that matters to God. We invite you to join us to make a difference in our children’s future and by extension, our own future.

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Common Questions

Q: Can any child learn on the Covenant Academy programme?

Experience shows that any chlid you can handle (discipline and control) can learn on The Covenant Academy programme. The ‘uneducable’ can learn after they take the ABCs’ with Ace and Christi. Many children who have been given up on by professional counselors can enter The Covenant Academy programme and begin to achieve. Hearing impaired even deaf are now learning and making progress. Gifted children can move on ahead to their level of ability without being surprised or held back. Children from non-English speaking homes are learning to read, speak and write English after only one year of The Covenant Academy programme.

Q: What about learner interaction?

The basis of the question is ‘When I went to school, I had pupil interaction and I assumed that was learning’. The fact is, learner interaction does not necessarily add to learing. It adds interest; the majority of the truth and facts come from the teacher and the textbook. You learn from the sources of your fact; and when children begin to interact, they add interest, but they usually drift from reality. Material taught by a conventional teacher in a traditional classroom setting is usually not available for scrutiny; as is material contained in The Covenant Academy PACES (modules). The PACE is the standard of learning; it is complete, and the procedures of the PACE and learning centre provide high standards of learning. PACEs are written by a team, professionally trained to screen out humanism. Their work is based upon Biblical absolutes which permeate The Covenant Academy philosophy and methods. There are times during the day when learners get needed interaction which amounts to one-third of the day: hourly breaks/noon meal/ bible study (devotions)/student convention preparation/weekly field trips/physical education/organised sports/lecture classes (music, home economics, art, science lab. etc)/priviledge status activities.

Q: Which syllabus does the Covenant Academy follow?

The Covenant Academy follows a specially adapted/designed ACE curriculum that covers the Nigerian syllabus as well as the standard ACE syllabus. The syllabus has been approved by the Ministry of Education.

Q: We noticed that you call your classes, Grades? How do we relate it to the Nigerian system?

In the Nigerian system, we use the words ‘Primary’ or ‘Class’. The equivalent in The Covenant Academy programme is ‘Grade’. So primary 1 in the Nigerian system is the same as Grade 1 in The Covenant Academy.

Q: What is the age limit for learners entering The Covenant Academy programme?

Experience has shown that immature or unstable children generally age 13 and beyond (or primary 7/8 – JSS 1 in The Covenant Academy programme), find it challenging to adapt to the disciplined operating framework and environment of The Covenant Academy programme. On the other hand it needs to be pointed out that children of parents who are absolutely committed to Christian education, who were themselves skilfully raised in Biblical ways, usually prosper on the programme even if they enter at or above the aforementioned ages. Thus, a positive, truly submissive attitude remain the denominator when evaluating older children for placement on The Covenant Academy programme. Utmost care and spiritual discretion is exercised in each case.

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