Our children are our furture, the only physical inheritance that matters to God. We invite you to join us to make a difference in our children’s future and by extension, our own future.

  • Address: The Covenant Academy 8A Kayes Street Off Nouakchott St, Wuse Zone 1, Abuja.
  • Phone:+234 803 623 3157
  • info@thecovenantacademy.org

Extra Curricular Activities

The Covenant Academy has after-school clubs that are specially designed to produce well-grounded students. This is achieved by utilizing creative and productive programmes that enhance the children’s recreational time.


MUSIC CLASSES: Seasoned instructors, equipment and facilities to learn drums, guitar, keyboards and basic sound management.

Other Extra Curricular Facilities:

  • A state-of-the-art and accessible restaurant for the children to enjoy themselves whilt they are on break or after school. The facility is also available for birthday parties during school, after school or weekends.
  • Children’s Paradise – during the school holidays, the school runs a special program where the children can come in anytime after 10am to watch uplifting family and christian movies and to use the computer room to play games and educational computer programs that teach and revise school work in a creative and playful way.

In the the children’s paradise, the children play in the gym with modern state-of-the-art children recreational equipment; draw pictures and other artistic works in the Art Section and have fun…fun…fun…in the playground with colourful play apparatus for the children to enjoy during their break time, after school or on Children Paradise days. The children go for excursions to the zoo and parks within the Abuja-FCT city.